November 17, 2010

So the month of horror has been and gone and I was swamped by hideous exams. Perhaps the goal of a post a day was a bit ambitious anyway.

I start afresh. I will review movies I have watched recently. They may be films I have never seen before or they may be old favourites I have watched time and time again.

And so it begins!


Grand Entrance

October 1, 2010

I go by the name of Laura. I am a Biomedical Science student, soon to graduate, from New Zealand.

I adore above all else, except perhaps cupcakes and peach iced tea, films. Especially horror films. This is to be my film review blog and I shall talk about movies that I love (not just horror movies) and rant about movies that I think suck.

As today is the first day of the glorious and ghoulish month of October, I will review one horror film for each horrifying day.

Sound delectable? Good. We’ll get on just swell.